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What our families have to say about our school community and great outcomes for their children.

Peaceful Valley Montessori is a growing community that produces great results in child education and individual growth because we aspire to send every single person –student, parent, or staff member- out into the world better than when they arrived. We hope that by instilling in each individual our three founding values, we are able to achieve that goal.


“The sense of community, independence and leadership that our eldest has developed at PVMA is among one of the most impactful benefits..The guides pay careful attention to each child’s needs and development. They create and customize activities and academic work to keep the children motivated, engaged and constantly learning..The children at PVMA experience empathy, compassion, and freedom within boundaries. Because he has witnessed grace and courtesy and kindness , our son has grown into a caring leader.”

Lisa and John Drevlow

“[PVMA] has quality and consistency of teachers and guides; it feels safe and familiar, like a second home.”

Melanie and Barrett H.

“There are few things more satisfying as parents than seeing our son Drake beaming with pride about his own accomplishments. My son is doing things at PVMA we could have never imagined he was capable of at this stage. But his guides know exactly what he is ready for because they truly understand him as an individual and appreciate how his mind works. The guides expertly find the right balance of challenge and encouragement, mixed with a lot of patience and nurturing, to push him to learn and grow. The guides and staff communicate clearly with us as parents about Drake’s challenges and his progress. They collaborate with us to solve any issues and are just as excited to celebrate his successes as we are.”

Meagan and Matt Kato

“The environment at PVMA fosters a sense of community, belonging, and responsibility. Our children have grown mentally and emotionally since joining the program last year. We love hearing about the work our children do, and continue to be impressed with how they are able to apply the learning outside of the classroom. We are so glad we found PVMA, and feel confident that we made the right choice for our children.”

Jayme and Kirk Anderson

“We are so glad to have found PVMA just across the road! The teachers are wonderful and my son is thriving with all the outdoor play!”

Katie and Andrew Tufford

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