As you might be aware from looking at our programs page, Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy is broken down into three distinct age brackets: Infants, Toddlers, and Primary (also known as preschool). But did you know that there are Montessori programs for elementary, middle school, and even high school kids? It’s true. And while we don’t currently offer programs for kids who are in kindergarten and beyond, it does bring to mind the question asked in the title of this article: at what age should a child start Montessori school?

You probably won’t be surprised to know that we’re big proponents of getting kids started with Montessori education as early as possible! Let’s take a look at how each level of early childhood education can benefit children.


We love working with babies and you can probably understand why! Not only are they cute, but they’re also learning about the world around them and growing so fast that a day doesn’t go by when we’re not amazed.

Life for a baby might seem random at first, considering you’re never sure when they’re going to have their next nap or need their next diaper changed. But as much as each individual will have their own needs, children six weeks old to 15 months learn better when they’re kept to a schedule. As much variety as they crave, they still appreciate some things happening every day for the simple fact that repetition brings comfort. Our Montessori daycare provides it each day.


There’s no more curious time in a human’s life than when they are a toddler. Not only are they able to explore the world more because they’re able to walk, but their new language skills allow them to ask questions about what’s going on around them. Not only that, but they’re also forming their first permanent memories, so it’s a good idea to make them good ones!

Our toddler Montessori program gives kids the structure that helps them learn and the opportunity to find the ways in which they learn best. Kids from age 16 months to 33 months have the time of their lives working with our early childhood education teachers and discovering more about the world around them.


Preschool, known as Primary in Montessori circles, certainly isn’t too late for children to learn the Montessori method. In fact, Maria Montessori’s first classes in 1906 were for toddlers and those around the age of preschool, so there’s no doubt that preschools can get an amazing education even if they start their Montessori education at this age.

Preschool at a Montessori preschool isn’t just about getting them ready for kindergarten. Yes, they will be taught much of what they need to excel with the other six-year-olds when they reach public school. But they’ll also become aware of how they learn best, a lifelong skill that’s important to learn early.

As we said, we believe that children as early as six weeks can benefit from the care and teachings that are found in Montessori education, but that doesn’t mean that older kids should experience the wonders once it’s time for Primary. Every child can learn to learn during their time at our Montessori Academy. If you’re ready to learn more about our three Montessori education programs in both Eden Prairie and Golden Valley, read more about them right here.

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