1. Montessori Lunch Time

    When your kiddos are at home, lunch can take a variety of forms. From picnics outside to eating at the kitchen table or in the living room, lunch is a great opportunity for our children to begin winding down before an afternoon nap. Often times you will notice at daycares and schools the youngest ar…Read More

  2. More Reviews For Our Montessori School

      We’ve mentioned time and time again how important we think that the Montessori method is and how it can play a big part in children's daycare and preschool years. And we can (and have!) gone on and on about its many benefits and how it can prepare children for the challenges that are in fro…Read More

  3. Some Montessori Education Quotes From The Founder Herself

      A few months back we detailed the history of Montessori education and scientific methods that Maria Montessori used into order to help kids learn. We told you about the Casa dei Bambini (Children’s House) in Italy where she took poor children and taught them in a mixed-age preschool environ…Read More

  4. Skills Kids Bring Home From a Montessori Preschool

      When you’re first considering Montessori education, you’ll probably read a dozen or so articles about what makes Montessori special. We’ve written them ourselves, such as this one that details the difference between normal daycare and our Montessori for toddlers. But the most common adv…Read More

  5. The Reason Montessori Schools Are Growing

      In this article we wrote on the history of Montessori education and on Maria Montessori herself, detailing the very scientific processes she took to create her teaching methods. There was a huge interest in her style of teaching in the United States right up until about 1915, when it, unfortu…Read More

  6. At What Age Should a Child Start Montessori School?

      As you might be aware from looking at our programs page, Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy is broken down into three distinct age brackets: Infants, Toddlers, and Primary (also known as preschool). But did you know that there are Montessori programs for elementary, middle school, and even hi…Read More

  7. A Quick Look at the History of Montessori Schools

      Millions of kids have experienced the thrill of a Montessori school over the last century, and if you’re interested in a Montessori school there’s a good chance that it’s because you attended one yourself. But as popular as this method is, it’s possible that you don’t know much abou…Read More

  8. The Importance of Core Values at a Montessori School

      When we started our Montessori school, we didn’t just want it to be another preschool or daycare. In fact, we didn’t even want to be “just another” Montessori school. We started our school based on three core values that not only help our students but also the parents, teachers, and w…Read More