Montessori Academy in Eden Prairie

Nestled near the corner of Highway 5 and Dell Road, our Eden Prairie Montessori school location serves families from the entire west metro area including Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Victoria, Minnetonka, Chaska, Bloomington, Shakopee, St. Louis Park and Golden Valley.

The indoor environment in at our childcare facility in Eden Prairie consists of three Children’s House preschool programs, two toddler environments, and two infant environments.

Children’s Houses Primary Preschool Program (33 months to 6 years)

Children are curious, and our Eden Prairie preschool prides itself on providing kids with early childhood education that builds off this natural trait. We encourage children’s innate curiosity and desire to learn by engaging them in purposeful, self-directed activities that are appropriate for their age. This provides targeted education for each age group, allowing each child to be nurtured, regardless of their age, abilities, social maturity, or learning style. Our preschool program curriculum focuses on the following:

  • Practical life application skills
  • Sensory skills
  • Language skills
  • Grace, courtesy, and consistency
  • Montessori method mathematics

Preschool program hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., including lunchtime, snack time, and naptime.

Peaceful Valley Toddler Program (16 months to 33 months)

Toddlers have specific developmental needs that differ from those of preschoolers, and our Eden Prairie toddler program is specifically structured to ensure those needs are met by supporting their need for purposeful activity. We provide an early education that is positive, fun, supportive and non-competitive, incorporating physical movement and singing in much of the curriculum. The low teacher-child ratio ensures adequate time and attention for each child to promote a unique learning environment you won’t find in traditional toddler programs. Our program provides a simple, orderly environment, and the curriculum focuses on:

  • Language development
  • Skills for independence
  • Skills for appropriate social interactions

Peaceful Valley Infant Program (6 weeks to 15 months)

Our Eden Prairie infant program at Peaceful Valley is so much more than a daycare. As many studies have shown, we know that infants feel more secure when their environment is structured and their schedule is predictable. Our infant program provides babies with this stability and predictability while remaining flexible to accommodate each child’s individual needs. Your baby’s day will consist of basic routines and activities that are designed to correspond with their eating and sleeping schedule, and our low teacher-infant ratio ensures your child receives the individualized attention they need to thrive. In addition to providing a safe, structured, and playful environment for your child, the lead teacher and supporting teachers will:

  • Support and accommodate your baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule
  • Communicate closely with you about your baby’s needs

Whether you enroll your child in our preschool, toddler, or infant program, you can rest assured that each of our purposefully prepared environments is physically and psychologically designed for the children to move freely, choosing work that interests them and meets their developmental needs. The space also features two large indoor environments for the children to participate in soccer, yoga, art, and large muscle activities outside of the work cycle on those MN days when outdoor play is not an option.

Eden Prairie Montessori School Amenities

The Eden Prairie location also boasts four outdoor environments with two playgrounds and two courtyards. Each room is connected to one of the four outdoor spaces. The toddler and preschool playgrounds are separate, allowing for safe and age-appropriate large muscle activities and outdoor learning. The South Courtyard features a large open space for running and playing under the shade of the mature trees just outside the fence and observing the hawk which frequents the sky above. The South Courtyard also has several garden beds where the children are encouraged to connect with nature and to nurture living things. The Pine Tree Courtyard is the perfect venue for engaging in our work cycles on a beautiful day, or for having a picnic if the children are moved to do so. It features picnic tables and large pine trees offering shade and a closer view of the squirrels and birds which the children enjoy observing.

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