Our nap area provides each child a dedicated crib in a designated, peaceful area where noise is minimized and tranquility is heightened. We work with parents to replicate techniques that work best at home for your child’s sleep patterns, while sharing tips from our experts for optimizing your child’s sleep. While pacifiers are permitted for younger infants, we will assist the 10-24 month old child to wean from these in an effort to promote independence and oral health. We also help prevent tooth decay by refraining from placing bottles in cribs, or having children fall asleep while drinking a bottle. We will rock or hold a very young infant, between 3-4 months, who needs such comforting to fall asleep; however, we will work with these parents, and particularly with parents of older infants, to help the infants develop self-regulation in sleep habits. Our goal is for your child to recognize sleep as a peaceful opportunity to self-soothe and rest because he or she is tired, just as a child will eat when hungry. If your child arrives asleep in a car seat, he or she will be gently placed in a crib. Children will have the opportunity to awaken from sleep naturally, rather than being awakened by an adult.


There are many considerations when choosing what’s best for your toddler. We are here to listen, help answer questions, and partner with you through as your child grows. Get in touch today and find out how our toddler program might be the best choice for you and your family.

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