About Our Infant Program

At Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy we believe that infants need a schedule regular enough to be predictable and flexible enough to meet their individual needs by respecting their unique biological rhythms. In general, the younger the child, the more flexible and individualized the schedule must be. However, babies gain a sense of security when the schedule is somewhat regular. We are constantly thinking about child care and what it means to the child.
It’s so much more than just daycare! At Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy the Infants’ Daily Schedule consists of some basic routines and activities that occur throughout the day. Our Teachers and support staff take special care to ensure that these routines and activities correspond to the individual schedule of each infant in our care. Early childhood education starts early at Peaceful Valley Montessori in Eden Prairie, Golden Valley, and Bloomington.

Teams of Four

Our infant environments have a maximum of 12 infants to 4 adults.

Though MN state licensing allows a 4:1 ratio for infants, we realize that teams of four is better for your child because it allows for more individualized attention. Though your child will interact with all teachers in the classroom on a daily basis, the classroom’s Lead Teacher will be the main point of contact for parent communication regarding your child.

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We are your partners in guiding and supporting you during the many changes in feeding routines that you will experience as your child grows.

All bottles and food for infants are supplied from home. With fridges, freezers, and warmers in each infant environment,
we are set up to safely and hygienically accommodate both breastfed and formula-fed babies, finger foods, jarred meals, homemade purees, etc.

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We work with parents to replicate techniques that work best at home for your child’s sleep patterns, while sharing tips from our experts for optimizing your child’s sleep.

Our nap area provides each child a dedicated crib in a designated, peaceful area where noise is minimized and tranquility is heightened. We work with parents to replicate techniques that work best at home for your child’s sleep patterns, while sharing tips from our experts for optimizing your child’s sleep. While pacifiers are permitted for younger infants, we will assist the 10-24 month old child to wean from these in an effort to promote independence and oral health. We also help prevent tooth decay by refraining from placing bottles in cribs, or having children fall asleep while drinking a bottle. We will rock or hold a very young infant, between 3-4 months, who needs such comforting to fall asleep; however, we will work with these parents, and particularly with parents of older infants, to help the infants develop self-regulation in sleep habits. Our goal is for your child to recognize sleep as a peaceful opportunity to self-soothe and rest because he or she is tired, just as a child will eat when hungry. If your child arrives asleep in a car seat, he or she will be gently placed in a crib. Children will have the opportunity to awaken from sleep naturally, rather than being awakened by an adult.

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It is our priority to have close parent communication because we are all partners in caring for your child.

When your child begins in our Infant program, we will ask parents for detailed information on your baby’s sleep preferences (e.g. pacifier use), routine, feeding needs, temperament, etc. We strive to complement the home environment to ensure a sense of security and a smooth transition for your child.

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Infant Routines and Activities

  • 7:30am — 8:30am: Arrival/Daily Greeting/Contact With Parents
  • 8:30am — 6:00pm: Feeding as Needed, Diaper Changing as Needed (or every two hours), Floor Time, Cuddle Time, Story Time, Sensory Play, Outdoor Play, Sleeping & Naps as Needed
  • 3:30pm — 6:00pm: Departure/Goodbye/Contact With Parents


Thank you for your interest in our Montessori program
and in providing the best education possible for your child.

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