About our Primary Program

The Children’s House is an environment that encourages the child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn by engaging him/her in purposeful, developmentally appropriate and self-directed activities. The flexibility of this early childhood education environment allows the child’s needs to be nurtured regardless of ability, social maturity, or learning style. These mixed-aged preschool groups create communities of learners! The youngest children look up to the oldest children who are accomplished at moving slowly, speaking quietly, and focusing on their work. The oldest students remember how the older children in their first year helped them, and so consider it an honor to fill that role, now that they have “come of age.” The benefits are many for all the age levels, but for the oldest children, assuming these positions of leadership is, along with their more academic work, a mark of achievement. This achievement is not for awards or outward recognition, but of self-confidence and a sense of having “arrived.”  Our Montessori academy admits children with the expectation that they will complete our Montessori preschool program, graduating to first grade.

Practical Life

These exercises act as a link to the home environment for your child’s growing independence.

Practical life exercises act as a link to the home environment. Familiar activities like polishing metal, folding laundry and sewing all help aid in the child’s conquest of independence and refinement or his or her motor skills.


Our Montessori materials and activities are designed to refine your child’s senses through play and sensorial experience.

The Sensorial apparatus are designed to isolate a specific quality of the environment and through manipulation of these materials, allow the children to refine their senses. Numerous games and extensions give children the opportunity to explore and discover the world together.


We want your child to fall in love with language

Language is at the core of any society, and the Children’s House is no different. The materials take advantage of the young child’s desire for language, and help the child not only to speak, write and read, but fall in love with language as well.

Grace, Courtesy, Consistency

It’s hundreds of small lessons that give your child the social skills necessary to live peacefully in a community with others.

Although much emphasis is placed on the excellent academic materials in the Children’s House, we also focus on the child’s social development. The lessons in Grace and Courtesy include hundreds of small lessons that give the child social skills for living peacefully in a community with others.
Consistency is an important element of PVMA. We recommend that children in our primary program attend 5 days a week. The Children’s House is a three (sometimes four) year program, with the children entering first grade upon graduation.

Montessori Method Mathematics

Hands on experience makes a lasting impact and makes learning math fun.

Dr. Montessori designed concrete mathematic materials to represent all types of quantities. A child not only sees the symbol for 1, 1000 or ½, she can hold each of the corresponding quantities in her hand. Later, by combining this equipment, separating it, sharing it, counting it, and comparing it, she can demonstrate to herself the basic operations of arithmetic.

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Primary (Preschool) Routines and Activities

  • 7:00am — 8:30am: Arrival/Daily Greeting/Contact With Parents
  • 8:30am — 11:30am: Morning Work-Cycle (snack available)
  • 11:45am — 12:45pm: Lunch and Recess
  • 12:30pm — 12:45pm: Half-Day Pick-Up
  • 1:00pm — 3:15pm: Afternooners” afternoon Work-Cycle in CH; Napping for younger children resting in nap room
  • 3:15pm — 6:00pm: Departure/Goodbye/Contact With Parents


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