1. Hidden Advantages of the Montessori Method

      In previous articles, we’ve told you about the most obvious reason to send your child to a Montessori school for their early childhood education. After all, according to many studies, kids who engage in Montessori education tend to be better performers throughout their time in every grade o…Read More

  2. Why Become a Montessori Teacher With Peaceful Valley?

      On this page you can find our application for those who are interested in applying for our Montessori school. But on that same page, just below it, you’ll find another button for those who are interested in applying to be a teacher here at our early childhood education center. Sure we’re…Read More

  3. What People Are Saying About Our Early Education Program

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  4. Why Year-Round Montessori Education Is So Important

    One of the common interests that brought the founders of our academy together was their belief that Montessori education should be offered year-round, not just during the nine months that most public schools are in session. While summer vacation might have had its place in history, today it simply m…Read More

  5. 6 More Myths About Montessori Education, Debunked!

    What is it about Montessori that makes it so misunderstood? In our previous blog we took a look at seven of the biggest myths that surround this amazing type of early childhood education. First we discussed the seemingly-chaotic nature of a Montessori preschool and toddler classroom, and revealed th…Read More