It is our priority to have close parent communication because we are all partners in caring for your child. When your child begins in our Infant program, we will ask parents for detailed information on your baby’s sleep preferences (e.g. pacifier use), routine, feeding needs, temperament, etc. We strive to complement the home environment to ensure a sense of security and a smooth transition for your child.

On a daily basis, it is important for us to check in with parents to learn how your child slept the night before, the time of his or her last feeding, etc. so that we can best respond to his or her cues. Parents will receive the same information from us when they pick up their child at the end of each day.

We welcome parents to call and check on their children at any time, to talk informally with teachers at pick-up and drop-off time, to attend regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences, and to book additional teacher meetings as needed. Throughout the year, we also encourage you to attend our parent education events to learn more about child development and the Montessori approach to responding to your child’s needs. Our goal is to aid your child’s development by providing you with clear and helpful information as you journey through the infant years.


There are many considerations when choosing what’s best for your infant. We are here to listen, help answer questions, and partner wth you to develop the best plan for your little one while in our care. Get in touch today and find out how our infant program might be the best choice for you and your family.

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