June is right around the corner and with the warmer weather comes Peaceful Valley’s incredible summer program! While we are a year round Montessori school, during the summer months we manage to squeeze in weekly water days, extra outdoor time and we love to incorporate summer themes to allow the children to explore new topics using Montessori works and following the child. Interested in what the kids will be learning this summer? Read more below and be sure to keep up with their adventures on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

The World Around Us 

(May 29-June 15)

Discover the interconnectedness of our planet as we grow gardens, discuss life cycles, recycling and composting.


Experience the World 

(June 18-June 29)

Toddler and Children’s House students will travel the seven continents with works, songs, and stories- Our infant community will be focusing on their world and their immediate surroundings.


Things That Go 

(July 2-July 20)

Explore how things go, the importance of traffic signals and the special transportation people in our community.



To the Laboratory 

(July 23-August 3)

Learn the scientific method, do fun experiments, and explore the universe!



Art Appreciation 

(August 6-August 17)

Experience artistic mediums and techniques while learning about famous artists from past and present.



Tinkering School 

(August 20-August 24)

Learn through doing and tinkering around with new materials!



Savor the Flavor 

(August 27-August 29)

Prepare and eat foods from our garden (Toddlers and Children’s House)

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