Over the past few months we’ve been discussing the wonders of Montessori Education. While we spend most of our time telling you about the virtues of this type of early childhood education, we sometimes take time to brag a little bit on the quality of our Montessori Schools in Golden Valley and Eden Prairie. We’re quite proud of the work we do.

Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense if, instead of listening to us, we take some time to let those who sent their children to our preschool and daycare have the floor for a moment and let them tell you what they thought? That’s what we figured we’d do today as we take a look at some Google reviews and then respond to the concerns and praises that the parents of our students have left for us.

“We love Peaceful Valley! The staff is so inviting, open, and loving. Our daughter Sylvie loves going to school and we feel good knowing that she has fun learning every day! It’s such a gift that they get to spend so much time outdoors. She really enjoys the food work and it’s so fun when she comes home and wants to show us the new things she learned like peeling a carrot or making bread. She is thriving with all the love and attention and positivity!”

— Sarah Blakely Anderson

So glad you wrote in to tell us about the positive experiences Sylvie has been having here at Peaceful Valley. While we can see that she’s having a good time in class, it’s so wonderful to hear that she’s so excited and wants to bring the skills she’s learned home. Let’s be honest: food preparation is a skill that can serve her for a lifetime, one that too many people never really learn. That simple loaf of bread and the times she spends in Montessori education could lead to a lifelong interest in cooking healthier meals

We’re also glad to hear that she’s a fan of the outdoors. So are we! There’s always so much to learn from being out in nature, and, as we discussed in this article, we make ample use of our ability to head outside and discover the world around us. Much like the baking you mentioned, learning about the outdoors can lead to an interest in science and conservation that will benefit the child and the world.

Okay, let’s see what Lisa has to say.

“The sense of community, independence, and leadership that our eldest has developed at PVMA is among one of the most impactful benefits.The guides pay careful attention to each child’s needs and development. They create and customize activities and academic work to keep the children motivated, engaged and constantly learning. Both of our boys love school and thrive on the empathy, compassion, and relationships at PVMA.”

— Lisa Drevlow

Thanks for writing in, Lisa. We’re so glad that both of your boys are thriving here at Peaceful Valley. We could spend an entire blog discussing the myriad of ways that your kids are showing growth — empathy, compassion, relational, independence, and leadership — but for now just let us say how happy we are that you’re seeing the same thing at home that we’re seeing here at our early education center.

You also pointed out something that’s essential in our Montessori curriculum, and that’s how much attention we pay to each child and the way in which they learn. That’s a big part of what Montessori is all about, letting kids be kids and playing to their strengths. That’s not to say that everything will always be easy for them, but it does mean that they’ll be enjoying the learning process a lot more. Every child is going to learn in our preschool and daycare programs!

Okay, one more review before we’re done for the day.

“PVMA is an excellent place for my daughter to learn and build her self-confidence. The staff has created a calm environment that capitalizes on children’s interests, and we love that PVMA holds true to Montessori philosophy and practices. We are so happy to have found it!”

— Meredith Salmi-Bydalek

And we’re happy you found us as well, Meredith! We truly are interested in sparking every child’s interest and curiosity every day, whether we’re in the classroom or outdoors.

You mention that this form of early childhood education has helped develop your daughter’s self-confidence, and that’s one of the things in which we’re most proud. Some children join our school and are quite shy, but we have the ways of teaching that really brings them out of their shell. It’s true with building self-confidence as well; not every child can lead at the beginning. But since we focus on each child as an individual, we make sure that they can express themselves in the best way for them.

Finally, thanks for noticing how devoted we are to the the Montessori education philosophy. Certain alterations have to be made as times change, but we believe that the thorough research she did more than a hundred years ago still holds up today.

Okay, that’s enough reviews for one day. We love talking about our pedagogy and the way in which it helps each and every child achieve their full potential. We’ll be back again soon to find out what others are saying about us, and if you’d like to talk to us directly please be sure to contact us right here!

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