1. Understanding Cold & Flu Season at School

    Freezing temperatures and weeks of rain? Where did fall go?! With mother nature thrusting us into the winter season more quickly than we would like, we thought it would be a great time to remind all of our PVMA parents how they can stay updated on illnesses this winter as we approach cold and flu se…Read More

  2. Countdown to Bloomington!

    September 4, 2018 marks a big day for the PVMA family. The day our third school opens it's doors to the newest members of the PVMA family in Bloomington! What started as a dream in a small, one classroom storefront in Golden Valley nine years ago has become more then we could have ever even imagined…Read More

  3. Montessori Lunch Time

    When your kiddos are at home, lunch can take a variety of forms. From picnics outside to eating at the kitchen table or in the living room, lunch is a great opportunity for our children to begin winding down before an afternoon nap. Often times you will notice at daycares and schools the youngest ar…Read More

  4. Why Does Peaceful Valley Focus On the Outdoors So Much?

      Since its inception, the Montessori Method has always included some interaction with the outdoors. A hundred years ago it was simply gardening, but the idea of getting outside and interacting with nature in some way has been an important part of the teaching process. It’s true with our Mont…Read More

  5. 7 Myths About Montessori Education and Schools

    Montessori education has been around longer than any of you readers have been alive, yet it is still a very misunderstood form of education. Most of this stems from the fact that Montessori schools aren’t everywhere across the nation, though there are nearly 4,500 out there. This means that, while…Read More