1. The Importance of Gross Motor Development in Early Childhood

    In a Montessori classroom you will often hear about the immense importance of developing each child's fine motor skills. The topic of pencil grip, tracing and writing comes up frequently when parents and teachers chat, and why wouldn't it? It is an important skill to learn! What is spoken about less…Read More

  2. Happy New Year!

    Guest Post by Golden Valley Children's House 3 Lead Guide, Amanda. Happy New Years Eve! Today is always a bittersweet day in my life. It is a time to say goodbye to everything good that happened in the past year. A time to say goodbye to everything bad that happened too. It means my son will turn a …Read More

  3. 8 Family Friendly Winter Activities Around Minneapolis

    It's time to enjoy winter in Minnesota! Take a look at some great activities you can do around the Twin Cities this December. Experience the Holidazzle What used to be a parade has now turned into an entire village! Visit Loring Park from Thursdays thru Sundays, November 24-December 23 to meet San…Read More

  4. More Reviews For Our Montessori School

      We’ve mentioned time and time again how important we think that the Montessori method is and how it can play a big part in children's daycare and preschool years. And we can (and have!) gone on and on about its many benefits and how it can prepare children for the challenges that are in fro…Read More

  5. Responses To Montessori Education Criticism You Might Have Heard

    As beneficial as it has been to millions and millions of kids over the past 100 years, there are some detractors of the Montessori method. After all, whenever something is popular there are always going to be some who try to find something wrong with it, whether they believe it or they’re just try…Read More

  6. Hidden Advantages of the Montessori Method

      In previous articles, we’ve told you about the most obvious reason to send your child to a Montessori school for their early childhood education. After all, according to many studies, kids who engage in Montessori education tend to be better performers throughout their time in every grade o…Read More

  7. Some Montessori Education Quotes From The Founder Herself

      A few months back we detailed the history of Montessori education and scientific methods that Maria Montessori used into order to help kids learn. We told you about the Casa dei Bambini (Children’s House) in Italy where she took poor children and taught them in a mixed-age preschool environ…Read More

  8. Why Not Everyone Can Be A Montessori Education Teacher

    Without a doubt, it takes a special kind of person to be a teacher. You have to enjoy the kids, the environment, the long hours, and all of the extras that go along with being a teacher, such as after-school programs. Every good teacher should get the respect they deserve. Many adults know very well…Read More