1. Some Montessori Education Quotes From The Founder Herself

      A few months back we detailed the history of Montessori education and scientific methods that Maria Montessori used into order to help kids learn. We told you about the Casa dei Bambini (Children’s House) in Italy where she took poor children and taught them in a mixed-age preschool environ…Read More

  2. Why Not Everyone Can Be A Montessori Education Teacher

    Without a doubt, it takes a special kind of person to be a teacher. You have to enjoy the kids, the environment, the long hours, and all of the extras that go along with being a teacher, such as after-school programs. Every good teacher should get the respect they deserve. Many adults know very well…Read More

  3. Why Become a Montessori Teacher With Peaceful Valley?

      On this page you can find our application for those who are interested in applying for our Montessori school. But on that same page, just below it, you’ll find another button for those who are interested in applying to be a teacher here at our early childhood education center. Sure we’re…Read More

  4. Skills Kids Bring Home From a Montessori Preschool

      When you’re first considering Montessori education, you’ll probably read a dozen or so articles about what makes Montessori special. We’ve written them ourselves, such as this one that details the difference between normal daycare and our Montessori for toddlers. But the most common adv…Read More

  5. What Does It Take To Be A Montessori Teacher?

      “What does it take to be a Montessori teacher?” When you take a look at the title of this blog, it can certainly be read in two very specific ways. First, a person could read it in the technical way: what legal requirements must be satisfied in order to become a Montessori educator? What …Read More

  6. What People Are Saying About Our Early Education Program

    Over the past few months we’ve been discussing the wonders of Montessori Education. While we spend most of our time telling you about the virtues of this type of early childhood education, we sometimes take time to brag a little bit on the quality of our Montessori Schools in Golden Valley and Ede…Read More

  7. The Reason Montessori Schools Are Growing

      In this article we wrote on the history of Montessori education and on Maria Montessori herself, detailing the very scientific processes she took to create her teaching methods. There was a huge interest in her style of teaching in the United States right up until about 1915, when it, unfortu…Read More

  8. Why Year-Round Montessori Education Is So Important

    One of the common interests that brought the founders of our academy together was their belief that Montessori education should be offered year-round, not just during the nine months that most public schools are in session. While summer vacation might have had its place in history, today it simply m…Read More

  9. At What Age Should a Child Start Montessori School?

      As you might be aware from looking at our programs page, Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy is broken down into three distinct age brackets: Infants, Toddlers, and Primary (also known as preschool). But did you know that there are Montessori programs for elementary, middle school, and even hi…Read More